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White atmosphere


Austria, thanks to its innumerable ski resorts, is a paradise for all enthusiasts of skiing, snowboarding, cross country skiing, ice skating, ice climbing etc. In Austria in winter life goes slowly. The white tranquil winter landscape gives us a sensation of happiness and inner peace.
Excellent hotels and restaurants make tourists immediately feel at ease in Austria. Tourists love this country, especially during the pre-Christmas period, which is characterized in Austria by many ancient traditions and by the cozy atmosphere you find everywhere.
The beautiful landscape is covered by snow inviting us to relax and to dream. It’s the time for visiting the small peasants’ markets, enjoying the traditional delicacies or drinking a vin-brulé on the banks of a frozen lake, or going on an excursion in the woods on a horse drawn sleigh.
Austria is a real paradise for all those who love snow and the winter. There is no other country where the white snow combines so perfectly with the beauty of the landscape.

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